Monday, 26 November 2012

Really Looking

Since I have started taking photographs I am looking more at the world around me. I walked round the garden and as I have said before on my writing blog, I am no gardener so anything that is growing is there of it's own accord and when I really looked I was amazed at what I found.

These toadstools are so delicate that when I tried to clear some blades of grass away they were breaking up.

These were slightly different with tiny white spots

This is attached to the stump of a tree it might be another kind of toadstool or funghi but it is solid and you couldn't break it off.

It grows on the other side of this stump next to the fence so I can't photograph it from that side.

My friend's two year old says the knarl in this tree is like a dinosaur's eye. (he loves dinosaurs)

I tried to take a photo of this squashed moon but the camera wasn't good enough to really capture it. It's like a UFO.

I wish this had turned out better because the colours in the sky were amazing.
I wouldn't have paid much attention what was growing in my garden if I hadn't had my camera and I know these photos are not great but my new camera is coming this week so I wanted to post these first then next week I will post some with my new camera and I'm hoping for a vast improvement,fingers and toes crossed.

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