Thursday, 22 November 2012

My Elusive Visitor

I love watching wildlife but living in an urban area we don't see much in our doorstep. There are some foxes who come out at night and dart across the garden. I feed the birds but the most exotic would probably be,robins and blue tits and the bully boys,the magpies.
Recently I have been so pleased to welcome a new visitor, one which many people will be used to seeing everyday but to me it is a treat, a little grey squirrel.
He can move really fast and as the shutter speed on my camera is not that good he is making me work for my shots.
This was my first one.
On the wall of next door's house.He sat like that for ages.

In a tree in the garden

A little closer. Look how bright his eyes are.

Next I decided to put some food on the garden table and photograph him through the window.
Quite a few shots were of him scurrying away

He's so cute

I love this photo with his reflecion on the glass table

In his reflecion he looks like a huge cat.
Nibbling on a nut.

As I was writing this he came back so I couldn't resist another photo
He's like a stuffed toy here.

Grey squirrels don't get good press but they are very cute and I'm enjoying watching him.
He nibbles a few nuts then buries some in the garden, maybe next year I'll have nut trees sprouting up. Hopefully when I get my new camera my photos will be a lot clearer but these were taken through a window.


  1. We don't ooh and aah when we see a squirrel ripping the bark off the tree in our garden but these are rather ooh-aah-able squirrels. I especially like the reflection one.

    1. Thanks Ros,This is the first time we've had a squirrel in our garden.

  2. Just testing to see if comments are working

  3. So glad you finally got shots of your friend the squirrel Anne.

    1. Thanks Jen, yes he's coming everyday now that I'm putting out food.

  4. Beautiful pics! Sadly, we get far too many of these here, and they are a pest - pinch food off the bird table, and bury acorns in my patio pots. Cats like trying to chase them though.

    1. Oh Carol I love the squirrels, plenty of food for them all at my table,lol